The impact of lifestyle on potency

Many factors can contribute to the deterioration of your sex life. For example, stress has a destructive effect on your potency and begins to destroy sexual activity. Erection problems exacerbate stress, and the situation worsens.

Improper nutrition also negatively affects your intimate life. Eating foods that do not have the right quality, nutrients, vitamins and minerals reduces your sexual performance.

What should you eat?

  • oily fish;
  • pumpkin seeds;
  • nuts;
  • whole grains.

In the diet of men, vegetables and fruits, such as celery, carrots, asparagus, tomatoes, grapes, bananas and pomegranates, should not be missing. You have a huge influence on your sexual activity. The healing process begins with taking care of yourself and the environment with more attention to your body and moral state. Remember to take time to rest, exercise, get enough sleep, take care of what you eat and drink, and you will notice how much the quality of your sex life will improve.

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Sexual performance is largely determined by the intake of vitamins. For the representatives of the stronger sex, vitamins A, C and E are very useful. For example, a deficiency of vitamin C adversely affects the mobility and quality of spermatozoa. And vitamins A and E are fat-soluble, so for optimal absorption, you need to eat oily fish, vegetable oil and at least five types of fresh vegetables per day. Mandatory products for male longevity are meat, cottage cheese, turmeric, ginger, nuts, seafood.

One of the secrets of excellent health and sexual activity after 50 years is an active lifestyle and physical activity. The nervous system also plays an important role. We must learn to regularly de-stress and relax.

Health and erection are directly related to the condition of the spine and back. Here we are talking not only about the fact that because of the pain you do not want to move, and even more so to think about sex. By itself, the potency is significantly weakened or disappears completely due to pinching of the vertebrae or hernia.

In the end, I want to say that old age is just a state of mind. It has been proven that people who constantly develop intellectually, read a lot of books and stimulate brain activity, are able to maintain not only the strength of the spirit, but also muscle strength for a longer time. The direct connection between the work of the brain and muscles determines the quality of sexual life. Stay optimistic, fight stress, lead a healthy lifestyle and focus on the most important life values ​​- these are perhaps the basic principles that will allow any man to feel the taste of life and keep it as long as possible.