Sexual situation of boyfriend and frigid girlfriend

What is female frigidity, what causes it, how long does it last and how does it manifest itself? What is the danger of refusing sex for a woman’s health, what problems can arise in a family due to sexual dissatisfaction? Is it possible to recover from frigidity and regain the ability to enjoy sex? We honestly and frankly discussed this topic in a conversation with the Chief Physician of the Health Harmony Medical Center, a psychiatrist, psychiatrist-narcologist and psychotherapist Vladislav Sipovich.

Is frigidity a purely female sexual disorder, or can men also suffer from it?

It is no secret that the key to a prosperous family life is not only a commonality of interests, goals and psychological compatibility. A couple can never be happy if there is no harmony in sexual relations between partners, if one of them remains cold or imitates getting pleasure from sex. Not only does a frigid partner lose the most vivid sensations in life, he also makes another person suffer because of his apparent powerlessness to excite his wife or spouse. The most terrible thing is that women often very skillfully hide their coldness, using all the artistic abilities bestowed on them by nature. And this can go on for many years, and even the whole family life. But a seemingly prosperous family receives an even greater blow when, in the heat of a quarrel, a woman declares: “I never experienced an orgasm”, “I never had pleasure in bed with you”, “I don’t give a damn about all your male efforts – I still don’t feel anything.” Such belated revelations can not only deal a severe blow to male pride, but also become a disaster for all family relationships. In fact, this puts family relationships on the brink of collapse.

As for frigidity in men, everything is much simpler here. They immediately notice that something is wrong with them and begin to take certain actions – some immediately turn to a sexologist, others additionally “check” themselves on the side, others rush to grandmothers and psychics to restore libido.

In this interview, I will try to fully cover the problem of female frigidity due to its greater prevalence than that of men, as well as the catastrophic consequences for the labile female psyche in the form of mental disorders, increased anxiety, fear of losing a family, etc.

Let’s turn to terminology. Frigidity (hypolybidemia, anaphrodisia) is one of the types of sexual dysfunction, manifested by the absence or loss of sexual desire. Frigidity is generally not associated with organic lesions, diseases and medication, although it can sometimes be due to functional disorders of the genital area and some medications. A person is able to enter into sexual contacts and even feels satisfaction from this, but is completely passive in their initiation. In fact, he does not feel the need for sex and therefore is completely lacking in initiative. If he “tolerates” sexual intimacy with a partner, it is only because he does not want to offend him or risk family relationships.

By the way, the term hypolibidemia is not entirely accurate. It is more suitable for denoting a state of reduced sexual desire, and not its absence, to which the name anlibidemia is more appropriate. The prefix “hypo” indicates the insufficiency of the phenomenon that follows it, and the prefix “an” indicates its complete denial.

For reference: Statistics show that approximately 40% of women experience frigidity in their lives, most often under the age of 25 and at the onset of menopause. Studies by American scientists found that 9% of girls and women aged 18-44 did not experience sexual attraction at all, i.e. were asexual. Moreover, asexuals have united in a movement so that hypolibidemia is not considered a diagnosis, and asexuality is recognized as a third sexual orientation. Distinguishing asexuality from frigidity is quite simple: asexuals do not want sex and boast about it, and frigid women do not want sex, but dream about it and the pleasure that it can give.