Alcoholism and Drug

Beer alcoholism is formed faster than vodka!

Beer affects human hormones:

1. In men: the production of the male sex hormone testosterone is suppressed. At the same time, female sex hormones begin to be produced, causing changes in the appearance of a man.

2. In women: the likelihood of getting cancer increases, the voice becomes rougher, “beer mustaches” appear.
The main directions of the prevention of drunkenness and alcoholism are labor education, the organization of a good rest, improving the culture and sanitary literacy of the population, as well as measures of a psychological, pedagogical and administrative-legal nature.

Drug addiction.

There are several ways to establish the fact of drug use:
• Through rapid drug tests.
• By indirect signs of drug use and drug addiction.
• In the process of narcological examination.

Indirect signs of drug use and drug addiction: Remember that they are not suitable for drug addicts with little experience.
• Always wear long sleeves, regardless of the weather and situation.
• Unnaturally narrow or wide pupils regardless of lighting.
• Detached look.
• Often – sloppy appearance, dry hair, swollen hands; dark, destroyed, “broken off” teeth in the form of “stumps”.
• Posture is often stooped.
• Slurred, “stretched” speech.
• Clumsy and slow movements in the absence of the smell of alcohol from the mouth.
• A clear desire to avoid meeting with government officials.
• Irritability, harshness and irreverence in answering questions.
After his appearance in the house, you lose things or money.
• Drug addicts usually do not show injection marks, but sometimes they can be seen on the back of the hands, but in general, experienced drug addicts inject themselves anywhere, and traces should be looked for in all areas of the body, not excluding the skin on the head under the hair. Often, injection marks do not look just like multiple red dots, but merge into dense bluish-purple strands along the veins.
The body of a young person, on average, can withstand drug use for no more than 7 years. The children’s body is much smaller. The average life expectancy of a drug addict is 25 years. The number of children of drug addicts is growing at an alarming rate. The rapid growth of drug addiction, alcoholism among children and adolescents affects the health of the nation.

So, we can draw the following conclusions:
• Health is the normal psychosomatic state of a person, reflecting his complete physical, mental and social well-being and ensuring the full performance of labor, social and biological functions.
• Health largely depends on lifestyle, however, speaking of a healthy lifestyle, first of all, they mean the absence of bad habits. This is, of course, a necessary but by no means sufficient condition. The main thing in a healthy lifestyle is the active creation of health, including all its components. Thus, the concept of a healthy lifestyle is much broader than the absence of bad habits, the regime of work and rest, the nutrition system, various hardening and developmental exercises; it also includes a system of relationships to oneself, to another person, to life in general, as well as the meaningfulness of being, life goals and values, etc. Therefore, the creation of health requires both an expansion of ideas about health and disease, and the skillful use of the entire range of factors that affect various components of health (physical, mental, social and spiritual), mastery of health-improving, restorative, nature-friendly methods and technologies, and the formation of an orientation towards healthy lifestyle.
• A healthy lifestyle largely depends on the student’s value orientation, worldview, social and moral experience. Social norms, values ​​of a healthy lifestyle are accepted by students as personally significant, but do not always coincide with the values ​​developed by public consciousness.