If you have lifestyle issues

A healthy lifestyle is an individual system of human behavior that provides him with physical, mental and social well-being in a real environment (natural, man-made and social) and active longevity.

A healthy lifestyle creates the best conditions for the normal course of physiological and mental processes, which reduces the likelihood of various diseases and increases a person’s life expectancy.

A healthy lifestyle helps us fulfill our goals and objectives, successfully implement our plans, cope with difficulties, and, if necessary, with colossal overloads. Good health, maintained and strengthened by the person himself, will allow him to live a long and full of joys life. Health is an invaluable wealth of each person individually, and of the whole society as a whole. How to improve your health? The answer is simple – lead a healthy lifestyle.

Daily routine and human health

The whole life of a person passes in the mode of time distribution, partly forced, associated with socially necessary activities, partly according to an individual plan. So, for example, the student’s daily routine is determined by the curriculum of classes at an educational institution, the military man’s routine is determined by the daily routine approved by the commander of the military unit, the mode of a working person is determined by the beginning and end of the working day.

Thus, the regime is the established routine of a person’s life, which includes work, food, rest and sleep.

The main component of the mode of human life is his work, which represents the expedient human activity aimed at creating material and spiritual values.

The mode of life of a person must be subordinated, first of all, to his effective labor activity. A working person lives in a certain rhythm: he must get up at a certain time, perform his duties, eat, rest and sleep. And this is not surprising – all processes in nature are subject to a strict rhythm to one degree or another: the seasons alternate, the night replaces the day, the day again comes to replace the night. Rhythmic activity is one of the basic laws of life and one of the foundations of any work.

A rational combination of elements of the mode of life provides a more productive work of a person and a high level of his health. The whole organism as a whole participates in the labor activity of a person. The labor rhythm sets the physiological rhythm: at certain hours the body experiences a load, as a result of which the metabolism increases, blood circulation increases, and then a feeling of fatigue appears; in other hours, days, when the load decreases, rest comes after fatigue, strength and energy are restored. Proper alternation of load and rest is the basis of high human performance.

Now we need to dwell on the issue of rest. Rest is a state of rest or vigorous activity leading to restoration of strength and working capacity.

The most effective in restoring working capacity is active rest, which allows you to rationally use your free time. The alternation of types of work, the harmonious combination of mental and physical labor, physical culture provide an effective restoration of strength and energy. A person needs to rest daily, weekly on weekends, annually during the next vacation, using free time to strengthen physical and spiritual health.

Rational nutrition and its importance for health

The eternal desire of people to be healthy and efficient has led to the fact that recently a lot of attention has been paid to rational nutrition as one of the important components of a healthy lifestyle. Proper, scientifically based nutrition is the most important condition for human health, performance and longevity.

With food, a person receives all the necessary elements that provide the body with the energy necessary for the growth and maintenance of tissues.

Nutrients needed by the body are divided into six main types: carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins, minerals and water. Eating right means getting with food in sufficient quantity and in the right combination everything that the body needs.