Men’s health – how to maintain and strengthen it?

Energy, strength of muscles and character, active sexual behavior and body strength. This is the portrait of the ideal man. Unfortunately, with age, this rosy picture begins to change, not for the better. Depression, weakness, illness, accompany the representatives of the stronger sex after forty, and in the future lead to the most disappointing results. Statistics is an inexorable thing. According to it, in 10 deaths, 8 are male deaths. And this is no coincidence.

Men are more difficult to tolerate high blood pressure compared to women, men are more likely to eat improperly – fatty, salty, fried foods predominate in their diet; men are more likely to abuse bad habits, their work is more often associated with overstrain and stress. Men do not like to go to doctors and complain about their health, triggering ailments, they do not have enough time to be examined and follow the doctor’s recommendations. How to change the situation? Let’s talk about this with the doctor-therapist, head of the day hospital of the OKDC.

– I think you will agree that educating our men, who today is by no means easy, is the most thankless task. It is only worth talking about how to help them maintain health and vigor for many years …

– Agree. First of all, you need to create conditions that will provide a man with maximum time savings. So that a person can make an appointment with the right doctor within a few minutes by phone or on the website, in the “Order a call” service. So that he comes on a specially appointed day (in our center this is Thursday), and in just a few hours he can pass all the tests, undergo an ultrasound scan, an ECG, get a doctor’s consultation, a well-chosen treatment regimen, recommendations on nutrition and optimal physical activity. Just one day and you are insured against unpleasant surprises that your body can present after forty.

Specialists of the Regional Consultative and Diagnostic Center have developed a special program that just solves this problem. Screening examination in the “green light” mode, when you do not have to stand in line at offices and laboratories, will help identify dangerous risks of reduced potency, hormonal disruptions, the development of diabetes, stroke, heart attack and oncopathology.

This screening program includes laboratory tests, including the determination of hormonal status, testosterone, insulin and cholesterol levels, consultations with a urologist, endocrinologist and therapist. If necessary, the diagnostic process can become more in-depth, and the doctor will offer to undergo additional examinations to clarify the diagnosis with subsequent treatment. This can be done without leaving work, in the day hospital of the OKDC, where the most comfortable conditions for working men are created.

This is especially important to know for those who are overweight (waist circumference greater than 94 cm), decreased muscle mass and strength, dry skin, reduced hair growth on the face and body, increased sweating, impaired urination, decreased sexual desire, impaired potency, chronic fatigue , depression, decreased mood and interest in life. Fluctuations in blood pressure, diseases of the heart and blood vessels, an increase in blood sugar levels of more than 6.1 mmol / l, alcohol and food addiction can also become risk factors.

Identification of the so-called risk groups will allow normalizing a person’s lifestyle and preventing the development of pathology, if it is detected, or preventing the disease, as they say, “at the early approaches”. The factor of normalization of sexual activity is also important, which contributes to a good mood and performance.

-Advertising today is literally replete with offers of miraculous pills to enhance potency. But they do not help everyone, and sometimes they are harmful to health …

Potency, as you know, changes with the age of a man. But in this case, age should not be considered the number of years indicated in the passport, but the state of the body. It’s no secret that sometimes a seventy-year-old man can easily give odds to a thirty-five-year-old.

The sexual health of a man is determined from the very period of intrauterine development. A woman who is to become a mother should know that due to a number of factors, serious violations in the unborn child are possible. These factors include: exposure to radiation and ionization, past infectious diseases, medication, interaction with chemicals, smoking and alcohol.

The next important stage in the life of the stronger sex is puberty. At this time, the body goes through a series of intense hormonal changes and restructuring, and there is always the possibility of a failure that will manifest itself in the future. The timbre of the voice is formed, masculine signs appear and hair growth changes. All these processes are influenced by testosterone. It is produced by the adrenal glands and testicles, and it is he who is necessary for the development of muscles, the appearance of hair in places on the body that are characteristic only for men.