External signs of impotence in men

Impotence is a violation of the erection of the penis due to pathological changes in the body. As a result of the disease, an erection may be completely absent or not strong enough for sexual intercourse. At the same time, other symptoms may appear that men do not pay attention to for a long time.

Impotence can be caused by completely different reasons, ranging from stress and psychological trauma to a serious illness. Therefore, you should not wait until the problem disappears, or self-medicate. It is better to visit a doctor in a timely manner and restore the quality of intimate life.

Impotence most often develops in men after 45-50 years, but sometimes manifests itself in 30 and even 20 years. The likelihood of developing erectile dysfunction increases when testosterone production decreases. Usually, this happens after 27-35 years.


In medicine, impotence is divided into 2 types: organic and psychogenic. Organic erectile dysfunction can occur due to diseases of the cardiovascular system, diabetes, neurological disorders and other disorders in the body. Psychogenic can be provoked by stress, constant lack of sleep or psychological trauma. Symptoms of impotence in these cases will vary.

With organic impotence can be:

  • lack or decrease in erection during intercourse (the problem grows slowly, the number of “failures” gradually increases);
  • lack of spontaneous erection at night and in the morning;
  • rapid ejaculation;
  • decrease in potency;
  • reduction in the duration of sexual intercourse;
  • lack of ejaculation, decreased sensitivity during orgasm.

If impotence is caused by pathological processes inside the body, its symptoms usually appear gradually. The absence and decrease in erection may be episodic at first, but then occur more and more often. A characteristic feature is also considered the disappearance of spontaneous erection at night and in the morning.

With psychogenic impotence observed:

  • a sudden decrease or disappearance of an erection with each attempt to have sexual intercourse;
  • decreased sexual desire;
  • the disappearance of the problem alone with yourself, in the absence of stress;
  • normal spontaneous erection at night and in the morning.

It is possible to suspect that erectile dysfunction is psychogenic in nature by the sharp appearance of the problem. For example, a man could not have any signs of impotence, and then problems with erections would suddenly appear with every sexual intercourse. The sudden erection usually persists.

In 2019, Japanese scientists also found that it is possible to identify impotence in a man by external signs. They conducted a study, the results of which showed that men with short strides have weak groin muscles. And this, according to researchers, is a key factor in the development of impotence. The study involved 324 men, so its results are still considered conjectural.

When the first symptoms of impotence appear, it is better to immediately consult a urologist. He will diagnose and, if necessary, help to choose the treatment. This will prevent the aggravation of the situation and preserve the joy of intimate life.